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Many people are willing to do just about anything to have whiter teeth. No one likes the idea of having stained teeth on full display every time they smile. That accounts for the large market for whitening systems, including the teeth whitening gel. With a bit of looking around, it is possible to find a product that can fit your budget.

Despite their desire for whiter teeth, some people are unwilling to shell out the hundreds and thousands that it would cost to have a professional teeth whitening job done at the dentist’s clinic using laser teeth whitening and other popular procedures. Fortunately, there are whitening kits that can be used conveniently at home. They can cost anywhere from $30 to $300. Some of the better products on the market can make your teeth several shades whiter.

Making a teeth whitening gel at home can be an excellent alternative to commercial whitening systems and kits. The ingredients are readily available – you probably have them at home. If you make the gel correctly and use it consistently over a period of time, you are very likely to see good results. Also, home made teeth whitening gels are quite economical too.

The ingredients for making a teeth whitening gel at home are the same as those used in commercially available kits. Hydrogen peroxide is the chief ingredient – it is capable of erasing stains on teeth as well as killing bacteria. The local pharmacy will have hydrogen peroxide available as a three percent solution. Commercial whitening kits use a twenty two percent solution, so their results will be significantly faster.

Sodium bicarbonate is the second ingredient that is used in making teeth whitening gels. This chemical is popularly known as baking soda. It has antiseptic properties and can remove stains too. It can also neutralize acidic mediums.

Glycerin is the third ingredient needed for the gel. It is readily available in health food shops, pharmacies and most grocery stores. Glycerin has the property of immobilizing bacteria. Since bacteria must constantly move about in order to stay alive, glycerin can effectively kill bacteria.


Here is how you can make a teeth whitening gel from the above ingredients. Take a teaspoon of baking soda. Pour a few drops of glycerin into it. Mix in the glycerin well until the baking soda is a paste. It should be fully moist, although it should not be runny. Next, take a glass full of water and add two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to it.

Wet a toothbrush with the hydrogen peroxide solution. Brush it over the paste you made so that some of it sticks to the toothbrush. Brush your teeth well with this gel. While doing so, continue to wet the toothbrush intermittently with hydrogen peroxide. After you finish brushing your teeth, rinse your mouth thoroughly with the hydrogen peroxide solution.

If you continue to use this home made teeth whitening gel, you will find that your teeth gradually acquire a lighter color. A gain of several shades is possible over time.

Using this teeth whitening gel has other benefits as well. It can eliminate harmful bacteria in the mouth thus reducing the risks of developing gum disease and other health problems. In addition, it is far more economical than getting professional teeth whitening done by a dentist. Using the teeth whitening gel is also more economical than using commercial whitening kits.

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Common alternate terms and spellings include: teeth whiting, teeth whiteing, teeth whitning, bleaching teeth, yellow teeth, teeth whiter




Tooth whitening is one of the most important cosmetic dentist processes which can help us regain our white natural smile. There are lots of articles and products for tooth whitening but remember to talk to your dentist before taking any action.


The only reason this whitens teeth is because the sodium bicarbonate is acting like rubbing compound on the teeth, wearing away at the stained enamel. This will cause sensitive teeth in the long run. Hydrogen peroxide in that low of a concentration will do nothing for whitening. Using a 50/50 mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water as a mouth wash daily may give desired results, but tastes bad.

One Source Talent

Steve is right, your teeth will become very sensitive in the long run and make your teeth prone to cavities.

brady @ of bad breath

Thanks for the interesting post on homemade teeth whitening. The posts that say using teeth whitening will make your teeth sensitive are right so use in moderation. I look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Mark @ teeth whitening cost

I didn’t know you could make your own teeth whitening gel at home, I think it’s just brilliant! The cost of teeth whitening gels can be really high so making your own would be great. Very good article by the way and a nice clean website.
All the best.

Will @ Whitening Teeth At Home

Whitening teeth from the comfort of your home is a very simple thing these days. Since teeth bleaching and such has become so popular and people caring about how healthy their teeth are and the way the look, products have become better and more effective…also cheaper. There are several ways you can accomplish that by either using a whitening pen, tray method, or even creating your own concoction by using such things as baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Some may be more effective than others, but you don’t have to make a trip to your dentist to make your teeth several shades whiter.

Jason A.

Whitening teeth from the comfort of your home is a very simple. Because teeth bleaching and such has become so popular and people caring about how healthy their teeth are and look, products have become better;more effective…also the price has gone way down.some company,s even offer a life time supply for just s & h…..

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