Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening


Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in teeth whitening kits that can be used to increase the brightness of the smile up to six shades. Hydrogen peroxide in teeth whitening gel allows the client to create a gradual increase in the brightness of the smile, through peroxide that is exposed to the teeth in trays for seven to ten days. Although full results can be seen after the completion of the treatment, there are many teeth whitening clients that can see results after the first day that the trays are used.

What levels of concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are found within these whitening products? Most often the concentration of gel within the products ranges between ten to thirty percent, with some in-office procedures using gel that has a concentration of upwards of thirty five percent.

The higher the concentration used throughout the teeth whitening gel, the quicker and more effective the results are going to be. The higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are often found throughout in-office treatments available through the dentist or even kits that are customized to allow the patient to take the kit home and whiten the teeth there.


What are some of the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth?

  • Hydrogen peroxide causes very few adverse side effects throughout the teeth whitening process, aside from sensitivity for some people that have undergone the teeth whitening treatment.
  • There are two main methods that the hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the teeth; through the use of whitening trays that are filled with the teeth whitening gel or through hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening strips that are adhered to the teeth to whiten the surface. The client can choose which method is convenient for them and easily suited to their smile.
  • There are many kits available through the local pharmacy to whiten the teeth in as little as one week that cost under forty dollars. These kits make whitening your teeth more affordable than ever.

For people that are seeking a safe and healthy way to whiten their smile, hydrogen peroxide kits can be used to whiten the teeth with very few side effects and with a convenient way to get a whiter smile in as little as a week. Since the teeth whitening routine is gradual over the course of the week to ten days of treatment, it can be easily integrated into the beauty routine.


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