Light Teeth Whitening


Many people are under the misconception that lasers are an effective way to whiten the teeth…when really, these lasers are lights that are used in combination with a solution applied to the teeth that can drastically whiten the smile in as little as an hour. The lights, used alongside a specialized solution, can produce some of the most efficient whitening effects possible.

Britesmile and Zoom are two popular forms of teeth whitening systems that use lights in combination with a conducting solution applied to the teeth to facilitate the whitening process. These methods of whitening the teeth can be completed in the local dentist’s office and are quick enough to be completed during a lunch hour.

Through the process of Britesmile and Zoom teeth whitening procedures, the conducting solution is applied to the teeth and the teeth are exposed to lights that can activate the whitening ingredients, allowing you to leave the office after just an hour with teeth that are up to ten shades whiter than they were previously.

So, the service is quick. But is it painless? Well, the quick services will take a bite out of the wallet. Depending on degree of whitening, the dentist chosen and the after-care supplies that are given to the client the hour-long teeth whitening service can cost upwards of several hundred dollars.


There are very few adverse effects that are experienced from these teeth whitening procedures. One of the most common side effects is sensitivity that can last between two to four weeks. Using appropriate follow-up products…including toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth can be an effective way to quell the sensitivity and allow the client to more fully enjoy their newly whitened teeth.

Many dental offices offer clients promotions that can allow them to take advantage of these whitening procedures for as little as $99. With these promotions, the client can get a whiter smile for a fraction of the price…obtaining the confidence that comes with a whiter smile.

Light teeth whitening procedures are the most effective ways to whiten the teeth – and the quickest…although also some of the most expensive methods that are used to whiten the teeth. Through them, the client can experience a whitened smile with stains erased from smoking and coffee, as well as general wear and aging, increasing personal confidence and an improved appearance.

With the great results that can be seen from light teeth whitening methods, many clients are willing to pay the high setting cost.


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