Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel


To get a whiter smile at home, there are many products available. Toothpastes, strips and products applied to the teeth can help to whiten the teeth – but Opalescence teeth whitening gel can be an effective way to gain the best results, in a fraction of the time of other products (those can take as long as four weeks to gain results).

Easily applied to the teeth at home, the process is supervised by the dentist through an initial consultation to determine the shape of the teeth and whether the client is a suitable match for the teeth whitening process.

The dentist will create the concentration that is applied to the teeth at home based on the strength of the teeth and the desired results – to effectively whiten the teeth safely, at home.

Unlike other types of whitening products, the trays are fitted to the mouth and the customer has the option to choose between various flavors found in the whitening gel. Mint, melon and regular flavor options allow the client to not only customize their whitening process, but also the taste of the product that is being used.


During the first visit, the dentist will assess the teeth and determine whether this method of teeth whitening is going to be effective for the client, as well as allow the client to see the potential results. Next, the dentist will fit the client with a whitening tray that the gel is inserted to, created custom for the smile of the client to ensure the best results.

Through procedures offered to the client through the dental office, the gums are protected. The client doesn’t have to worry about the gums at home, as Opalescence gel has a sticky texture that will apply easily to the teeth without covering the gum and can therefore provide the whitening solution to the teeth without hurting the gums.

Concentrations of Opalescence teeth whitening gel are available in concentrations of 10% to 35% depending on the results desired from the treatment. The dentists will determine the strength based on the whitening that needs to be completed to create the appearance of a healthy smile.

The gel trays are used for one week – but the client can see the gel working after just one day of use. After one week of using the trays at night, the client can experience a whiter smile that can help to increase the confidence.


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