Teeth Whitening – A Brighter Smile for You!


It wasn’t very long ago that effective teeth whitening options didn’t even exist. If you had discolored teeth, you just had to put up with it and hope that your teeth didn’t become any darker than they already were. Some people with discolored teeth were even reluctant to smile because they were afraid to reveal their teeth to others. Thankfully, things started changing about a generation ago.

Today, there are many teeth whitening options available that can take discolored teeth and make them look bright and new.

Why is teeth whitening necessary in the first place? Over the years, our teeth tend to yellow. This can happen because of drinking coffee, tea, red wine, etc. It can also happen if the person is a smoker – tobacco can put nasty stains on the teeth.

Today’s teeth whitening systems can result in whiter and brighter teeth. Many of these whitening procedures are fairly simple and quick to execute.

In addition to whitening teeth, today’s dental procedures (such as bonding) also allow defective teeth to be repaired. You no longer have to put up with chips and breaks in your teeth. Coupled with teeth whitening, these fast dental procedures can considerably enhance the beauty of your teeth. Many of these procedures are surprisingly inexpensive too.


So, what determines the best teeth whitening option for you? Teeth whitening can be done in a number of ways. Options include laser teeth whitening, chemical whitening, whitening with mild acidic solutions, whitening using abrasives and professional whitening done at home.

The dentist usually starts the whitening process in his clinic. The procedure is often completed at the patient’s home using mouth trays. A mouth tray is a means of applying a dental whitening solution to the teeth. In some cases, it needs to be worn for just half an hour, while other cases require the mouth tray to stay in place for a couple hours.

Many people have only minor discoloration of their teeth. In such cases, a simple whitening treatment done at the dentist’s office will often result in teeth that are noticeably brighter. These procedures take a few hours at most.

Of course, others have a high degree of discoloration as well as many other cosmetic dental problems. Fortunately, current dental procedures can deal with most of them…although it may need to be broken down into several steps, depending on complexity.

A straightforward bleaching process may be able to brighten teeth in cases of mild discoloration. More stubborn stains may require micro-abrasion scrubs using an acidic medium. Dentists can also make use of porcelain veneers which can last up to a decade. They are excellent for creating an even look in cases where the tooth surface is uneven. Veneers can also be used to hide unsightly gaps between teeth.

For more serious problems, dental implants can be used. These are permanent and will last throughout life, thus effectively curing the problem of missing teeth. Dentists today have a remedy for practically any kind of cosmetic dental problem you may have. Cosmetic issues can go well beyond the need for teeth whitening. And many of these solutions require just one single visit to implement.

In summary, teeth whitening can result in teeth that are better looking and a few shades brighter than discolored teeth. These procedures have proved to be a big confidence booster for many people.

Common alternate terms and spellings include: teeth whiting, teeth whiteing, teeth whitning, bleaching teeth, yellow teeth, teeth whiter




Teeth whitening products come in many varieties leaving the average consumer unsure of which way to go. Most products offer the same ingredients and strength levels in the various price ranges, so research is important to get the best product at the right deal. Going to a dentist to review your choices should be your first step.

Terry@ Lab Coat

I believe in the old adage “prevention is better than cure”. So brush your teeth regularly and don’t smoke at all. But if you still have yellow teeth after these preventive steps, its time to call in the pros. :D


I agree with Lab Coat – proper brushing, flossing, and not smoking are the best way to keep a white smile. Of course, it is inevitable that some tooth staining will occur over time, so home whitening kits are great for getting that white smile back.

jack@Office Zone

I brush regularly and never smoke, but I still have yellow teeth. Maybe I’ll try one of those home whitening kits.

Whiten Teeth at Home

Due to the daily stress we put our teeth; this enamel slowly wears away, becoming more translucent. This permits the yellow color of dentin (the tooth’s core material) to show through, giving your teeth that dingy, unappealing look. Due to constant chewing, millions of micro-cracks can also occur over the years. These cracks easily get filled up with excess debris, allowing stains to form and potentially causing cavities. Taking care of your teeth, as well as using the proper teeth whitening techniques, can help remove this plague build-up and the stains associated with the wear-and-tear of your daily eating routine.

Jim@Car Racing Games

Ya when your teeth sparkle when you smile sure makes a lot of heads turn and take notice. But to maintain that sparkle is a tough job. A right supplement of calcium not only makes your teeth strong but also keep it white. I went through bleaching of teeth once but it didn’t lasted longer. But a porcelain veneers seems to be a good option.

Moshe Lavi@ceramic knife

Teeth are our beauty, they really need care. Gums also needs proper brushing and caring so that in no bacteria make harm to your teeth during old age, so prevention and care is better right now rather than waiting for getting old.

Mike@Office Supplies

i’ve read one article where it was written that excess of calcium in toothpaste can also dull your whiteness of teeth, so better to choose toothpaste made from herbal things.

Matt@teeth whitening kits

Some people teeth get yellow with age because of different things they are eating, however in some case medical mouth fresheners (mainly used for ear and throat infection patients) may also cause staining of teeth. Laser teeth whitening is indeed a godsend for people with stained teeth but one has to keep in mind that there are other options that dentists can use and laser is not the only option.

David Adams@locksmith berkeley

Cosmetic issues can go well beyond the need for teeth whitening but they are costly too, people with limited earnings cannot afford such things so it is better for them to depend more on herbal products.

411 WebConnect Canada USA

I’ve been using whitening toothpaste and whitestrips for 3 weeks now, and I see a big difference. I should have an amazing smile by Christmas.

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