Teeth Whitening Tips


Are you looking to get that whiter smile and restore the natural health of your teeth? Changing your habits and integrating a few new products into your life can allow you to whiten those teeth without having to pay the hundreds of dollars for in-office whitening treatments using whitening solutions and UV lights.

Here are some of the methods that anyone can use to whiten their smile and increase the brightness of their teeth – regardless of their budget:

Avoid coffee and smoking. Coffee and smoking are two habits that are associated with the yellowing of the teeth. Something as simple as quitting smoking or reducing the amount of coffee that is consumed can help to not only avoid new stains that are created on the teeth but also can be an effective way to reduce the stains on the teeth that are already present.


Use whitening toothpastes on a regular basis and ensure that the teeth are being brushed two to three times per day. Using whitening toothpaste is one of the least expensive ways to ensure that the teeth are able to remain white and can be a great way to maintain teeth that have undergone whitening procedures. At less than five dollars per tube, whitening toothpaste can be easily found at local drug stores and can help to maintain a whiter smile, increasing whiteness by two shades with every tube of toothpaste used.

Whitening mouthwashes help to remove the plaque and other build-up throughout the mouth that can begin to cause the appearance of yellowing teeth over time. Whitening mouthwashes can be quite effective when used with whitening toothpaste and other products to create an overall whiter smile with very little effort. They are often available for under five dollars and can help to reduce staining from beverages like coffee and red wine that may be consumed on a regular basis.

A little more expensive, at-home teeth whitening kits can be used as a do-it-yourself whitening treatment that can increase the whiteness of the smile up to six shades and can increase the confidence that comes with a whiter smile. They are easy to use and can create results in as little as a week, with many people experiencing measurable results after only a single treatment.


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